A history of getting results, experience you can trust.

To date we have completed:

• Greater than 300 trials conducted successfully (wide range of therapeutic areas)
• Vaccine trials (>100 trials), including several First-In-Man trials
• Staggered enrollments with Safety Committee Review
• Several routs of administration
—  Intramuscular (IM), Intranasal (IN), Intra-dermal (ID), Trans-dermal, Subcutaneous, Subcutaneous, intravenous (IV)
• LN2 shipping and storage
• ECG’s with interpretive capabilities, 100% reads by physician with Cardiology over-reads if desired
• Continuous telemetry monitoring available
• PBMC collection, processing, isolation, storage and shipping (Dry Ice, LN2)
• Vast experience with multiple EDC vendors, Smart Pen Technology and traditional paper case report forms (CRFs)
• DOD, NIH and BARDA contracts

Service details

DateSeptember 8, 2015