Rewarding Referral Program

Earn $200 Each Time You Refer a Friend

The more people participate in clinical research studies, the faster the medical community can achieve new breakthroughs in disease treatment and prevention. We not only encourage you to refer friends and family to us when you think they qualify for a study, we reward you for doing so. Each time you refer someone new to us who participates for at least 30 days in a JCCT clinical trial, you’ll receive $200.

Referring a friend is simple – all you need to do is complete the Referral Form and we’ll take it from there. For more information, review the referral program details below, or contact us at 913-285-5526 or

  • To qualify for a referral bonus, the person you refer must be new to our database (has never completed a study with us before).
  • You cannot refer children.
  • The $200 referral bonus is paid out 30 days after the person receives the Investigational Product and must be in good-standing in the study.
  • Occasionally JCCT does have studies that do not qualify for a referral bonus.
  • You do not have to participate in a JCCT study to be eligible for the referral program.